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From now on, learning English will be a journey, where you’ll never get lost with us as your guides.

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About Your Journeys

Welcome to Your Journeys! Our dynamic team consists of Yana, a skilled Russian speaker who lays a strong foundation for language acquisition, and Jose, a native English speaker who refines and polishes your language skills. With an impressive combined experience of over 30 years, including 10 years of collaboration, we provide an unparalleled learning experience.

Our comprehensive curriculum covers all aspects of English, from grammar and vocabulary to pronunciation and cultural nuances. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, our team is dedicated to helping you achieve fluency and confidence in English. Join us today and embark on a rewarding journey towards mastering the English language.

Advantages You will have with us!

Weight loss maintenance

Comprehensive language immersion with dual teaching perspectives

Plant based balanced meal plans

Enhanced cultural understanding through native and Russian instruction.

Meal plans for diabetics

Balanced language guidance for broader learning opportunities.

What our students say

Devon Lane

Nikita Kuznetsov

Sberbank Executive Director

Jose and Yana are excellent teachers and are amazing conversationalists. With their guides I prepared for all my exams and was successfully enrolled to Executive MBA program.
They knew exactly which areas I should focus on to get desired results. Moreover both of them аpart from the educational aspect, are just great people with outstanding sense of humor. I highly recommend taking classes with them.

Floyd Miles

Daria Belova


Their program is one of a kind. Yana builds the foundation necessary in my native language and Jose provides the practice.
It’s rare to have balance between both and they somehow manage to do it. Aside from being the best teachers I’ve ever had, they’re also dear lifelong friends.

Devon Lane

Max & Melaniia

Stimul Group

We travel a lot and English is a very important skill for us. We have been having lessons with Yana a Jose for about 2.5 years.
We have both incredibly improved our language and social skills. Making new friends and meeting new people abroad will never be an issue for us again. And last but not least, Jose and Yana have became our dear friends.

Floyd Miles

Andrei Silanchev

Telecommunications Expert

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the company / my mentors in the universe of Advanced English.
I was working for a Dutch company as a Sales Director at that time, and it was vital to my further career developing to make a leap from B2 to A1 in both General and Business English. Without a doubt it was the best investment time and money wise. I spent 1000+ academic hours, but it was worth every penny, it lead to progress and a promotion! My IELTS test has proven to be ‘Oxford level.’

Devon Lane

Tatiana Rusina

CIDK Cosmetology clinic founder

I would like to appreciate the work of Jose and Yana. The goal is to improve my level of business English in a short period of time. In this short period of time they helped me to expand my vocabulary, to communicate more confidently with foreigners and to understand grammar. It is easier to discuss grammar and pronunciation in detail with Yana, and then listen and communicate with a native speaker - Jose. I recommend this efficient team to everyone!

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